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Why Choose James Scozzari?

If you’re facing criminal law or family law issues, you need representation. The law is too complex and stressful to try and handle without help. You want help you can trust, but it’s hard to know where to turn.

At Scozzari Law, PLLC, attorney James Scozzari has built a reputation for strength and perseverance in criminal defense and family law cases for clients in Grand Rapids. People across Michigan turn to him because of his experience, honesty and highly agile approach to the law. Learn more about his history as an attorney by reading his bio below:

A Highly Experienced Legal Mind

James Scozzari has spent the majority of his years in the legal field as a trial attorney, honing his skill in the courtroom. He has developed skills and insight into the law that you can only get from presenting a case. He uses that keen understanding of the law to build aggressive criminal defenses.

Experience also makes a meaningful impact on divorce and other family law issues. James can efficiently and effectively review your case and build a strategy. He understands how to hold his ground to pursue strong outcomes for his clients.

Honest, Reliable Advice

What clients find most appealing about James is his straightforwardness. With him, you always know where you stand. He doesn’t string along clients with impossible promises. He helps them understand the real-life outcomes of their case.

Continual, thoughtful communication is a hallmark of the service attorney Scozzari brings to his clients. No matter what’s going on, he maintains open communication and makes himself available for any of his clients’ questions.

Flexible, Strong Advocacy

Between new evidence, new opposing strategies and surprising rulings from the judge, the law can keep you on your toes. Attorney Scozzari moves quickly, adapting on the fly to stay in control of your case.

He responds to changes with confidence and strength, working diligently to help you pursue the results you desire.

Meet With Scozzari Law, PLLC, To Find Out More

If you need a lawyer to defend you in a criminal case or advocate for you in family court, James Scozzari is ready to get started. Reach out to schedule your meeting with him by calling 616-828-0687 or using this online form.