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A Record Of Success Fighting Allegations Of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a type of charge where someone’s personal life spills over into the legal system. While the circumstances of such a charge vary widely, the consequences are almost always not just legal but also personal and reputational. You deserve representation from a skilled, thoughtful attorney.

Attorney James Scozzari of Scozzari Law, PLLC, has a reputation across Michigan as a lawyer who can skillfully craft an effective criminal defense. He works hard for clients throughout the Grand Rapids area, providing responsive advice and agile advocacy. He’s ready to take on your case and build a defense that can help you regain control of your life.

Confident Defense Of Domestic Violence Charges

With years of experience behind him, James Scozzari is confident he can defend you against your charges. He has frequently built an effective defense for clients facing such charges as:

  • Domestic assault: Domestic assault is any assault charge of an individual the defendant has a relationship with, such as a spouse, an ex or a roommate. Repeated instances of assault against that same individual can enhance the penalties.
  • Protection order violations: Protective orders are meant to keep someone perceived as dangerous from contacting victims. Violating these protective orders can put a defendant in an even worse position.

The state aggressively pursues these charges, and building a defense can be especially complicated. Matters of domestic violence can be difficult to understand, but that complexity often works against defendants.

At Scozzari Law, PLLC, James Scozzari is dedicated to protecting his clients’ many rights. He holds the prosecution and state to a high standard and does not allow them to overreach in their pursuit of a conviction.

Helping You Stay In Control

Facing a domestic violence charge is stressful and can feel like you have little power. But with James Scozzari as your lawyer, you can feel some control of the situation. You can take steps to deal with the charges, put them behind you and move on with your life.

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