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Turn To An Attorney You Can Trust

There is no single experience that is more stressful and anxiety-inducing than facing charges for a violent crime. Police and prosecutors aggressively pursue violent crimes, and being the target of an investigation is devastating. You must put your life and future in the hands of an attorney that you trust.

At Scozzari Law, PLLC, attorney James Scozzari works hard to build trust with his clients from Grand Rapids and the surrounding areas. He’s spent his career offering responsive legal advice and strong criminal defense to clients all over Michigan. His flexibility in court means he can adapt quickly to the rapid changes in your case.

The Difference Experience Makes

With years of experience handling criminal law charges of all types, James Scozzari has developed significant confidence in his work as a lawyer. He knows how to craft a successful defense for such crimes as:

Throughout your case, James will provide you with regular updates and developments and honest assessments of what to do next. He will work with you to resolve your questions. Most of all, he will be available to listen to you so you can feel like you have some control over this demanding situation.

You Have Rights; They Deserve Protection

It does not matter how serious or sensational the allegations against you are. You have many legal rights under the constitution. You deserve a comprehensive and vigorous defense to ensure those rights are respected at every turn. That’s why clients turn to Scozzari Law, PLLC.

Dedication To Your Freedom

James Scozzari’s dedication to his clients’ needs means a lot to his clients. They understand that they are not alone in the most difficult legal situation of their lives. Find out how that can be a benefit to you.

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