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Grand Rapids Child Support Lawyers

Helping You And Your Child

Our lawyers at Scozzari Law, PLLC, are passionate legal advocates who strive to protect our clients’ rights and those of their children. Child custody battles can be exhausting: It is the role of the family court judge to take evidence and make formal findings regarding 12 custody factors. Usually, one parent will be awarded primary physical custody, with the child having the right to parenting time by the other parent. The noncustodial parent will then pay to the custodial parent an amount of child support.

How Is Child Support Calculated In Michigan?

In Michigan, both parents have a duty to support their child until he or she reaches age 18, or age 19 if the child is still in high school. The law presumes that the custodial parent spends the child support amount directly on the child. The amount of support will be calculated by a computer program called a child support formula, with income and parenting time among the factors to be considered. Child support may be paid directly if both parties agree, or otherwise through the Friend of the Court office.

Enforcing An Order For Child Support

Child support orders are issued in the county in which the child resides. They are universally enforceable if the parent does not pay. Moreover, if a judge determines that the parent who owes support has the ability to pay some or all of the amount owed, but does not, the delinquent parent can be held in contempt of court, which may also involve jail time and/or fines. Some examples of enforcement methods include:

  • Withholding income from the payer’s wages
  • Placing a lien on the payer’s real or personal property
  • Garnishing state and federal tax refunds
  • Suspending driver’s, occupational, sporting and/or recreational licenses

We can help you work toward a fair resolution to your child support issues.

Modifying An Order In Michigan

In some circumstances, a parent may ask a family court judge to change an existing child support order by filing a motion to modify it. If it has been less than 36 months since an order was issued, a judge may modify it provided there is evidence of a substantial change in circumstances.

Let Scozzari Law, PLLC, Help You

Child support issues? Let the family law lawyers at Scozzari Law, PLLC, help you. If you are in the process of negotiating child support or seek to modify or enforce an existing order, our attorneys have many years of experience writing, filing and arguing family law motions.

To learn more about how we can work with you on your child support negotiations, schedule a free consultation with Scozzari Law, PLLC, online or by phone at 616-828-0687.