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Marijuana Charges Are Complex In Michigan

While marijuana users can now enjoy the drug recreationally, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to worry about. You can still face several marijuana-related charges and all the devastating consequences that come with them. But, with a skilled attorney, it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Scozzari Law, PLLC, attorney James Scozzari has the experience and the strength to fight for your freedom and future in the face of criminal charges. He has many years of experience working with people in and around Grand Rapids on many charges. He puts in the work so you can stay in control.

Legalized But Still Criminalized

As mentioned above, marijuana is legal to possess and use in Michigan. But that does not mean it is legal in all contexts. The reason for this is complex, but it has to do with the federal and local authorities still viewing those who work with or use marijuana as criminals. And that’s why you can still face charges if you use it in public or if you have a significant amount of it.

However, the most aggressive charges are reserved for those trying to cultivate and sell marijuana. Those accused of illegally producing and selling marijuana can face not only charges in Michigan but at the federal level. That’s why you need to turn to a criminal defense lawyer like James Scozzari.

Thoughtful. Experienced. Strong

As long as people are facing criminal marijuana charges, Attorney Scozzari will help them take back control of their charges. He will aggressively fight the charges against them and work diligently to keep their name clear and keep them out of jail.

He’s a thoughtful attorney and wants to hear from you about what you’re facing. Contact him by phone at 616-828-0687 or send an email using this form.