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3 surprising Michigan divorce trends

On Behalf of | Feb 22, 2024 | Divorce

Divorce rates and the reasons why people file for divorce tend to change through the years. Prior to the creation of no-fault divorce laws, divorce was relatively rare. However, improved access to divorce proceedings and less pressure to have conclusive proof of marital misconduct have made divorce easier to secure than ever before.

People in Michigan do not need to prove abuse, abandonment or other major issues to convince the family courts to legally end a marriage. They don’t even need the approval of their spouse to secure a divorce. Recent divorce trends might give those contemplating divorce more insight into the process and more courage about moving forward.

Divorce rates have declined

Couples in Michigan are less likely to divorce in the 2020s than they were in the 1990s. Overall, people are less likely to get married and more likely to marry later in life. Those who do marry might feel more confident about their marriages and less inclined to file for divorce during times of marital turmoil.

Uncontested divorces are on the rise

Spouses preparing for divorce in Michigan often fight with one another, but they have the option of cooperating. Uncontested divorces have become more common. There are two trends in divorce that facilitate uncontested divorce filings. Couples are more likely now than ever before to attend mediation as a way to resolve their disagreements and work out a compromise that is effective for both parties. Younger couples, in particular, are more amenable to the idea of drafting a prenuptial agreement. Such documents can guide the divorce process and take the conflict out of the end of the marriage.

Divorces later in life are more common

While overall divorce rates have dropped, divorces among those over the age of 50 have actually increased. Experts point to reduced social stigma and more expectations about marital partnerships as some of the underlying causes for the increase in gray divorces. Technically, divorces between older spouses are essentially the same as those between younger spouses, as the same laws apply. However, they may have more resources to divide and may be more anxious about the outcome of the divorce because of their looming retirement.

Those who understand the current trends related to divorce in Michigan may be in a better position to handle their own divorce with grace. Learning about when and how other people divorce might help spouses make more informed decisions about their future divorce proceedings as well.