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What Do You Want To Know About Family Law?

When you’re facing a divorce, you can feel all alone without any idea of your next step. You may have tons of questions but not know where to take them.

Attorney James Scozzari of has answered the questions for people facing divorce across Grand Rapids. He’s a thorough and attentive lawyer, and he wants to get you the answers you need to questions like those listed below.

How long does the divorce process take?

In Michigan, there is a 60-day waiting period for a divorce if there are no children involved. With children, the waiting period is 180 days. However, those are waiting periods, not deadlines. Depending on how quickly you can come to an agreement on the various financial and personal matters of the divorce, it can be months or even years before your divorce is complete.

How is marital and personal property divided during a divorce?

In Michigan, the court divides marital property on an equitable distribution model. An equitable distribution is one where the court considers many factors in the fair distribution of the marital estate. It may not be equal, but each side can advocate for a fair share.

Which factors impact child custody arrangements in Michigan?

In Michigan, the most important factor that impacts child custody arrangement is your children’s best interests. The court will look at your child’s:

  • Living situation
  • Physical health
  • Emotional growth
  • Mental well-being
  • Educational opportunities

By closely reviewing all the above factors, the court will decide how the parents should share custody. Older children may have some input as well, but the decision ultimately belongs to the judge.

How is spousal support calculated in Michigan?

Michigan uses a complex calculation that accounts for both parties’ relative assets, income and resources. The final amount of spousal support you may have as part of the agreement can result from intense negotiation and advocacy during this process.

When can I request a modification to my child or spousal support arrangements?

You can request a modification whenever circumstances warrant it, such as losing a job or moving to a new area. Your divorce agreements shouldn’t leave you in an unlivable situation.

Your Situation Is Complex. Get Personalized Answers.

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