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Dealing With The Question Of Alimony

Whether you call it alimony or spousal support, the concept is the same: a long-term financial relationship between ex-spouses. Building a spousal support agreement is among the most contentious aspects of any divorce. You need a confident, experienced lawyer to help you pursue your goals.

Attorney James Scozzari of has built a reputation for versatility and creativity in family law. His approach is thorough, and he has no reservations about going to court when necessary. People all over Grand Rapids turn to him to protect their interests when it comes to spousal support.

Thorough, Dedicated Spousal Support Representation

What most people may not realize at the onset is that a divorce, and especially spousal support, is an ongoing legal matter. While your divorce may “finalize” at some point, you will often have enduring financial and personal ties with your ex. Spousal support is just one of those ties.

Attorney James Scozzari has extensive experience guiding people through all the changing needs of spousal support:

  • Calculation: This will happen during divorce proceedings and is largely dictated by an equation that calculates the relative needs of both parties. However, the elements included are often a matter of debate, and legal council can make a significant impact.
  • Modifications: There will be numerous moments throughout the life of your spousal support agreement when changes become necessary. Successfully pursuing a change to the agreement can be challenging to pursue on your own.
  • Enforcement: Whether you are paying or receiving spousal support, you may need to secure assistance in enforcement matters. Allegations of non-payment of spousal support can result in serious consequences.

No matter what side you are on or what the issues you face are, James Scozzari will be there to support you. Your priorities matter, and you deserve an attorney able to pursue your goals.

Skilled. Thoughtful. Experienced.

You deserve a complete, personalized answer when you have a question about your spousal support agreement. James Scozzari prides himself on being an attentive, honest lawyer. You will know what’s happening in your case and where you stand.

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